Wedding Pictures

Kyle and Deanna's Wedding was so nice. A very Godly wedding and very well done. Just took a few pics....

Ches helping Tony with...a tie???

The Wedding. Brad officiating.

Nicholas, Tyler and Lucas

Tony, Cheryl and Randy

The cake with 4 different flavors...Chocolate, Carrot Cake, something raspberry and Spice....mmmm....their colors were beautiful, brown and cream. They had m&m's with their names on them. (good idea!) and her flowers were calla lillies. Her 3 little girls were adorable and the oldest, 7ish, got on the microphone and said "I love you mom and dad". Very sweet!

Ches & me.

Kyle and his mom.



MikeandDannon said...

2 notes.

1. That pic with Cheryl and Randy looks just like one that I have of them on the boat--except for Tony.

2. That must be your wedding shirt ;) Love you

Anonymous said...

love the house Lisa and that cake is soooooooooo pretty! It looks like scrapbook paper!

Myrna said...

Good for people to know.